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Tino Izzo
Canadian Producer composer TINO IZZO is a World class seasoned producer that's been active for the better part of the last two decades in the Canadian landscape. A combination hit songwriter and Internationally acclaimed guitar player. Over the past 20 years, Tino has produced and/or written a string of #1 singles, gold, platinum albums, here`s a few notables from his career:  Producer on Celine Dion`s ¨D`Elles¨ album. Composed -A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN- on Celine Dion`s multi million seller album " Taking Chances" it was also released as a duet with Japanese superstar  Yuna Ito with Celine Dion in Japan  a ga Iru Kagiri , あなたがいる限り  and was featured on a film in Japan (Himiko Fantasia JAPAN (soundtrack ¨WHERE THE LEGEND LIVES¨)  . French artist SAYA  topped the charts with a top 10 hit in France with "Je pense a toi". He wrote the hit DARLIN in 1990 for Roch Voisine as well as writing and Producing JE SUIS LE MEME for Garou. Tino Izzo is also a seasoned musician and internationally acclaimed guitarist instrumetalist. He was awarded the Billboard Choice award for work on his guitar instrumetal albums Blue Desires released in the early 90`s Foreign Skies and Christmas in 1996, The Intimate Guitar Of Tino Izzo,  September Suns, Nostalgia Trails and his latest Morning Scapes released in 2015. Tino has recently produced Los Angeles Prog-Rock act YELLOW ZEBRA. A Gold album for Keven Bazinet`s debut album produced and arranged by Izzo as well as penning the hit song of the album TALK TO ME. ( written by Tino Izzo and his son Max Izzo).  Platinum seller Jean Marc Couture debut album was also produced by Izzo. SI TEL EST TON DESIRE the debut single was number one for 7 weeks straight.  BETTER IN TIME by BOBBY BAZINI`s debut platinum album was also produced by Izzo. just recently in 2017 Tino composed and produced  VAN (Piunno`s) debut single LOCK MY LOVE DOWN:  #26 on Blillboard top CHR BDS Chart. Presently working on her debut album to be released in 2018.  He also completed Andie Duquette`s debut Country album HERE WE ARE where he produced and composed the entirety of the album (exept for one cover). 


 All the projects below are composed and produced by Tino Izzo except for: Bobby Bazini "Better In Time" (Album Produced by Tino Izzo) and Kevin Bazinet Produced by Tino Izzo except for  the songs "Talk to Me" and "Never Gonna Let You Go" produced and composed by Tino Izzo . 

A few videos from the collection

Saya "Je pense a toi"  (Diane Cadieux/Tino Izzo)

Garou "Je suis le meme" (Diane Cadieux/Tino izzo)

Jean Marc Couture "Si te est ton désire" (Diane Cadieux/Tino izzo) 

Celine Dion  "A World To Believe In" (Rosanna Cicciol;a/Tino Izzo) 

Philippe Berghella " Ma liberte" (Philippe Berghella/Tino Izzo)

UGO "C`est toi" (Tino Izzo) 

Celine Dion Yuna Ito "A World To Believe In" (Rosanna Cicciol;a/Tino Izzo) 

Kevin Bazinet " Talk To Me" (Max Izzo/Tino Izzo)

Audrey De Montigny "De toi je reve" (Diane Cadieux/Tino Izzo) 

Kevin Bazinet " Talk To Me" (Max Izzo/Tino Izzo)

Andie Duquette "Nothin`On Me" (Tino Izzo) 

Bobby Bazini "Oh Katy" (Tino Izzo/Bobby Bazini/Bobby Bazini)